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Web Development Courses

Web development is one of the most competitive domains, a domain that is constantly developing. This is the reason why companies are always looking for qualified candidates. But being able to work in this area requires learning more than one technology, and more importantly looking for ways to always improve yourself. Please check our available courses
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HTML Courses

Learn HTML in order to understand the basics of web development. During this course you’ll be able to use specific labels to create websites.

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PHP Courses

By learning PHP you’ll know how to adjust web applications and websites where information is stored into MySQL database

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JavaScript Courses

Learn JavaScript in order to build dynamic and interactive web pages.

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WordPress Courses

By learning WordPress you’ll be able to create blogs and website in an easy way, more importantly you can be a contributor in making WordPress better

Codeigniter Courses

Codeigniter is an extremely light weight PHP framework that helps you create full-featured web apps.

Laravel Courses

Learn Laravel, a PHP framework, and you’ll know how to create easily a stable web application using PHP and MySQL.

About Web development

Becoming a junior in web development also requires knowledge in some technologies:
All you need to know to become a junior web developer.

HTML & CSS - HTML is the foundation of creating a website, being the first step in learning web development. CSS being the design part by giving color to websites.

PHP & MySQL - Both MySQL and PHP focus on more advanced tasks for web developers. MySQL is a database management system that works with PHP.

CMS & Framework - A junior web developer should also have knowledge in one CMS and at least one framework. For example, WordPress and Laravel as they are easier to use.

JavaScript & jQuery - JavaScript and jQuery work together as jQuery is a JavaScript library that handles complicated tasks from JavaScript.


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